Roast turkey on Christmas dinner Christmas is a time to share with others. Gather other holiday `orphans' and stage your own dinner - complete with a glass of fine wine. If you haven't planned your Christmas celebration yet, I suggest you dine at home with the carte du jour and wines that we will enjoy. There is a great deal of satisfaction in entertaining at ... read more >
Lunch at the Australia & New Zealand Pinot Noir Celebration Australia and New Zealand both produce first class pinot noir but Curtis Marsh is swayed by a Wellington street party in its honor. Having recently listed the merits of pinot noir from Victoria, Australia's stronghold of the variety, it would be remiss not to address the antipodean challenger of New World pinot greatness, New Zealand. Despite mutual British ancestry and ... read more >
Pinot Noir Tasting @ The Cellar Door Deli & Wine Café Wednesday 17th November is a Public Holiday hung uselessly equidistant from its neighboring weekends. Come & taste some of the Best New Zealand Pinot Noir. From 3-9 pm at The CellarDoor @ VivoCity, we will hold a Pinot Tasting in Tiers – Each of these include a $10 voucher ... read more >
People visiting Ata Rangi vineyard, New Zealand Vine cuttings can be matched to various soils and regional characteristics of other countries, enhancing the complexity and finish of a wine. With practically every significant pinot noir producer in New Zealand available in Hong Kong, my advice is to be adventurous in your selection, as you will not come across a bad wine, with quality high across the board. ... read more >
Two Paddocks Pinot Noir 2006, New Zealand It’s a big call, nailing the single wine of the year that was most impressionable amongst so many good bottles moreover, an ever-increasing myriad of high quality, relatively more approachable wines produced around the globe. However, this is wine that stimulated my sensory core, viscera and thoughts most in terms of complexity, compelling quality and sheer enjoyment. It was my ... read more >
Sam Neill of Two Paddocks debut in Singapore Unparalleled, sensuous Pinot Noir perfectly matched to Peking Duck at Imperial Treasure on October 20th 2010 Acclaimed actor, Sam Neill, is equally known for his fervent passion for pinot noir, his Central Otago vineyard Two Paddocks the most sort after pinot on the planet impossibly scarce yet now available, albeit miniscule quantities, in Singapore, exclusively through Hermitage Wines. ... read more >
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Limestone Wines logo Sugarloaf Ridge vineyard is a family owned vineyard begun in 1998 by Dr Simon Stanley. Simon's daughter and her husband, Julian and Kristin Colvile, formerly long time habitants of Hong Kong, assumed ownership in 2007 and are now on Sugarloaf's 8th vintage and each one has been award winning! The vineyard is positioned at 42 degrees south (the same as ... read more >
Many bottles of wines Curtis Marsh shares why it's impossible to make up his mind when it comes to a favourite wine. Whenever I'm asked, "What is your favourite wine?" I reply, "The wine I haven't tried yet", emphasising that I gain the most pleasure in discovering new taste sensations. The fact is: I have a wandering palate for food and wine, greatly influenced ... read more >
Toast Martinborough 2010, New Zealand In this “old world” wine village, the small but successful Wairarapa settlement of Martinborough is home to an unsurpassed charm. Climate and soil are everything to this wine town. Martinborough is renown for producing premium grapes, which in turn produce world-class, award-winning wines. The international trophies abound for a region that produces just small percentage of the nation’s fine wines. ... read more >
Schubert Wines cellar door Martinborough Pinot Noir scoops top prize from 10,983 entries in world’s biggest wine show A small winery from Wairarapa which only planted its 12 hectares of vines in 1999 has triumphed over Pinot Noirs from 19 other countries including France, Italy, Australia, the USA, Chile and Germany to win the International Pinot Noir Trophy at the world’s biggest and most ... read more >