"No wine is more evocative than Champagne, the king of sparkling wines. Champagne is something special to drink. It is a symbol of luxury and celebration, praised all other the world. This magic is created thanks to the “method Champenoise” which turns a blend of grape juice into an invigorating, bubbly and festive - some would say sexy - wine." ... read more >
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Rose Champagne bubbles Rose champagne is enjoying high demand and not just because of Valentine's Day. Rose Champagne, or Pink Champagne as it is more commonly known, if not a little mincing, has become increasingly vogue over the last few years. Indications are that its popularity is becoming more entrenched and it is easy to see why, with an appealing bouquet of fresh ... read more >
Champagne, Bubbly Beauties It's time to put some fizz into the holidays - without flattening your bank account. Why do bubbles captivate us so much? Watching my daughter gleefully chasing soapy bubbles, I wonder if this is where the fascination begins. The tiny bubbles scrambling into a fine bead in a Champagne flute share the allure and sparkle of diamonds. ... read more >
Champagne Tasting Party by Artisan Cellars, Singapore After two intense trips to Champagne we are proud to be able to share the fruit of our labour. And why do we work so hard bringing in so many different grower Champagnes? Because we love what we do, and because we love to drink Champagnes. It is our philosophy to handpick growers whose work most significantly reflect the quality ... read more >
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Henriot Millesime Champagne 1998, France My exposure to champagne is not as comprehensive as in the United Kingdom or US markets, as we do not see many of the excellent smaller houses and grower champagnes in Asia. However, this Henriot Millesime was selected from three blind (masked bottles) champagne tastings I participated in in 2007 and it was unquestionably the standout wine amongst 116 different ... read more >
Dom Perignon Champagne This incredible Champagne collection spans more than three decades and includes well over a hundred of the best bubblies produced between 1979 and 2002. Among the many highlights are multiple vintages of Krug and Krug Clos du Mesnil, ten vintages of Dom Perignon, plus a horizontal of the great 1996s from Billecart Salmon! ... read more >