One of the crowning event’s of our Burghound in Asia program and suitably so for the ‘Queen of Burgundy’, Madame (Lalou) Bize-Leroy is arguably one of the most well-known if not controversial persons in Burgundy. She is the owner of Domaine d’Auvenay and Domaine Leroy and since 1955 has been at the helm of the family’s negociant business, Maison Leroy, ... read more >
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Antipodean – “Two points, places, or regions that are situated diametrically opposite to one another on the earth’s surface – especially the country that is opposite to one’s own” It would be fair to say New Zealand and France are diametrical opposites in more ways than one, even though the French came very close to colonizing New Zealand, passing Captain ... read more >
Answer: Pascal Marchand, one of the great characters of Burgundy. In a region that is habitually prosaic, Pascal Marchand is atypical - a real character and a solid chap to boot. He's half woodsman and half old sea dog – indeed, in his teenage years he was in the merchant navy. He is undeniably a woodsman, since he comes from ... read more >
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Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year Georges Duboeuf Chateau des Capitans Julienas 2009 & Georges Duboeuf Morgon Domaine Mont Chavy 2009 I can already sense the disbelief from the wine cognoscenti, Beaujolais? How could Beaujolais eclipse Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Rhone Valley? Surely he can’t be serious! Well I am, moreover unequivocal in my choice and can genuinely say that ... read more >
Brought to you by The Wandering Palate and Hermitage Wine. Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator's contributing editor and columnist for the magazine both in print and online, “Drinking Out Loud” will be in Singapore with ‘one nightly only’ appearance and wine dinner at... ... read more >
A casino owner in Singapore has spent £111,000 on a single case of Romanée Conti from the 1971 vintage. The wine, which was sold by Bordeaux Index, is being touted by the merchant as further proof of a rising interest in fine Burgundy among Asian customers. “The price goes to show that it’s not just Bordeaux wines that [Asian] consumers ... read more >
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