The Definitive Italian Vineyard – Forteto della Luja – Piedmont

Forteto della Luja -

One of my most intriguing wine discoveries – period – is Forteto della Luja, a family run property which is nothing short of extraordinary; a vineyard that has been run organically since the early 19th Century, or 1826 to be precise, as they know nothing other than organic! Located in the tiny village and municipality of Loazzolo (population 300), the property is surrounded by forest of such incredible biodiversity and unique flora and fauna that it has been designated a World Wildlife Fund Reserve.

At 600 metres above sea level, the calcareous, marly vineyard slopes that have never seen fertilizers or been weeded produced a wonderfully succulent red, ‘Le Grive’ an logical and harmonious blend of 80% barbera and 20% pinot nero (pinot noir), but it is their sweet wines that they are famous for and acclaim since the 17th century, particularly their Forteto Pian dei Sogni, made from 100% brachetto, a red grape indigenous to Piedmont that makes an intriguing bitter sweet red wine that goes brilliantly with dark chocolate.  And a sweet, luscious moscato that is pairs exceptionally well with mature, gooey cheese, equally good with foie gras as it is with any stone fruit dessert and pastries.

Below are dates that the Scaglione family, the proprietors of Forteto della Luja, invite you to visit the property, meanwhile you must visit their website and soak in their genuine wholesomeness and seek out their wines

Fortelo della Luja FESTA

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