Support Chef Luke Mangan walk for life – cure for life – brain cancer research day

Chef Luke Mangan has signed up for the Cure For Life Foundation™ (CFLF) walk for life, one of his focal charity causes. The walk takes place in Sydney’s Centennial Park on November 13th and Chef Mangan has set a target of A$10,000 to reach the goal of ‘Everyday Hero’, working towards on overall target of A$200,000

Having lost two of my closest friends to cancer in recent years, I am equally supportive of this vital cause. Life is about as vital as it gets and perhaps no more pertinent as the world mourns the loss of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, who lost his battle with cancer.

Dr Teo founder of Cure For Life Foundation™

The Big C is the worst killer we know and whilst the focus here is on brain cancer, the research and path to cures is all within the sphere of medical advancement, and chances are, many of us may well personally benefit from such advances in medical science.

So, dip in to your pockets (online) and let’s help Luke met the target, no matter where you are in the WORLD; it does not matter where you live, the cure for cancer is global issue and research, advancements and cures are shared globally.

Cure For Life Foundation™ (CFLF) is devoted to saving lives of people suffering from brain tumours, through advances in research and education in neurosurgery. Established by the world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Charles Teo to help fund advancements in the treatment of brain cancer, hopefully one day leading to a cure

Click here to make your donation –

Chef Luke Mangan

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