Austrian Wine Festival 2012 – Singapore – Tement Wine Dinner

The dynamic and inexhaustible Austrian wine marketer, Michael Thurner, of Austria Fine Brands, is on the campaign trail in Singapore again and back by popular demand, the Austrian Wine Festival 2012.

Austrian Wine Festival 2012 Singapore

There is a full program of tastings and wine dinners running from February 17th to March 22nd with a calendar of events below and full details on the website:

On February 18th, one of my favourite wine producers from Austria, Armin Tement, will be hosting a wine dinner at Les Amis with guest chef, Christian Winkler of the Michelin starred Restaurant Schindlhaus

This will be a unique experience and not to be missed, as focused largely in sauvignon blanc; yes sauvignon blanc can have pedigree, or for that matter, display distinctive qualities of terroir, the coveted association between a distinguished vineyard site permeating through the wine.

Located in Styria, on the border of Slovenia, Tement is the quintessential example of sauvignon blanc pedigree moreover, the most conclusive proof of the variety displaying terroir, defining several single vineyard plots within their property and vinifying individual wines that distinctly express the temperatures of different vineyard aspects and complexity of the limestone and schist soils on sloped terraces that were once a coral reef formed over 20 million years ago.

In the same way burgundy producers can make distinctly different wines coming from vines only a stone’s throw from each other, Tement admirably achieves this with an intriguing diversity of bouquet and flavour profile between each wine. Read more…

Below are full details of the wines and menu – all reservations through Les Amis.

Tement Wine Dinner at Les Amis

Calendar of events

17 February:  The Balthazar Night (Opening Night), Brasserie Wolf

18 February: Austrian Cuisine, Refined, Winemaker’s dinner with Tement, Les Amis

28 February: Wine talk with Michael Thurner, Austrian wine and food pairing dinner, recipes by Shatec

8 March: Winemaker’s dinner with Markowitsch at Tippling Club

9 March: Winemaker’s dinner with Markowitsch at Peach Blossoms

10 March: Wine tasting and masterclass with Markowitsch at Praelum Wine Bar

15 March: Winemaker’s dinner with Markowitsch at The Tastings Room

16 March: Winemaker’s dinner with JR Reinisch at Guy Savoy

20 March: Winemaker’s dinner with JR Reinisch at Vintry

22 March: Winemaker’s dinner with JR Reinisch at Table At 7

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