Lapin au Vin des Central Otago a la Wandering Palate (Rabbit Casserole with Central Otago Pinot Noir) The Wandering Palates rabbit casserole perfected over a lifetime and inspired by an overabundance of rabbits and wild thyme, moreover excellent pinot noir in Central Otago, New Zealand. In my formative years down on the farm in Te Awamutu, rabbits were in plague ... read more >
Roast turkey on Christmas dinner Christmas is a time to share with others. Gather other holiday `orphans' and stage your own dinner - complete with a glass of fine wine. If you haven't planned your Christmas celebration yet, I suggest you dine at home with the carte du jour and wines that we will enjoy. There is a great deal of satisfaction in entertaining at ... read more >
Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year These wines are the standouts of the 2009 lunar drinking year. Why the lunar year? Notwithstanding I reside in Asia, the nucleus of my ideologies revolve around a back to nature approach with wine, food and the environment – sustainable, organic and biodynamic principles that have evolved through Pagan farming to Chinese gardeners over the eons yet pivotal today. So ... read more >
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A variety of Thai food Cold beer is always good but there are several more sophisticated ways to partner this most popular of Asian cuisines, writes Curtis Marsh. There is a great deal more complexity and flavor in Thai cooking than many other Asian cuisines and, contrary to perception, it can be paired successfully with wine. I can fully relate to an ice-cold beer if ... read more >