A quick bite of Sushi with Chef Luke Mangan at Akashi, Singapore

Chef Luke Mangan has just blackberry-ed me, “Could do a quick sushi at 1pm, Orchard Parade Hotel?” He’s jetted in from LA for Salt at ION’s first birthday and but only has 48 hours in Singapore.

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New York, New York! Restaurateur Chris Lucas Shares his Favourites

The Wandering Palate is off to New York and has been asking a few likeminded Wandering types where they like to eat and hang out in the Big Apple. Read More >

Excellent Dining at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Yes, I know it is rare that you hear a food writer recommending you go out of your way to dine at an airport, but Singapore’s Changi Airport is in a league of its own. First impressions can be indelible and international airports often reflect a countries mannerisms and a good indication of what to expect locally.

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Wright Brothers Soho – raWBar – London

With winter coming ever closer, I would suggest Wright Brothers opening raWBar is rather timely with oysters coming into their best eating.

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Best Steamed Buns (aka) Dumplings in the World – Truffle Dumplings at Din Tai Fung – Singapore

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Asia’s Best Gourmand Dining Experience – Iggy’s, Singapore

You don’t need me to tell you Iggy’s is a great restaurant. Already much adored by food lovers all over the world, voted best restaurant in Asia by several publications and ranked 28 in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, 2011.

Their reputation is hard earned over many years, seven to be exact, with a cosmopolitan clientele that have come to expect the highest standards of personalised service and a dining experience that pushes the boundaries of gastronomic exploration and culinary sensory excitement.

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Feed Them Lots of Fun – Chin Chin, Melbourne, Australia

If there’s one element missing from many dining experiences it’s having some genuine fun and a little revitalizing enjoyment in a meal.

Chin Chin, Melbourne’s latest cutting-edge dining inveiglement is pure energized fun from the moment you walk in the door and feel the wave of human vigour and pulsating ambience.

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Singapore’s Best Restaurant – Coriander Leaf
Coriander Leaf Chef-Proprietor Samia Ahad and Sam Neill

People are forever asking me, which is the best restaurant in Singapore. I prefer to answer it by saying I have many favourite restaurants and it really depends on my mood and what we feel like eating.

I think it is also pertinent to categorise whether one is entertaining overseas visitors or clients, or maybe just going out with friends or on your own.

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Blake’s Feast – A Life in Food

One of Australia’s most talented and charismatic chefs, Andrew Blake, has released his second cookbook, Blake’s Feast – A Life in Food.

Even with the surfeit of cookbooks out there, this one is a must-have not only as an invaluable resource and inspirational culinary compendium, but an insightful and intriguing story of a chefs endeavours to make a name for himself and run successful (and a few not so successful) restaurants.

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The Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong – Perfect for all Seasons and Reasons

The Wandering Palate’s recipe for an ideal urban family holiday catering to everyone’s needs and desires.

One of the conundrums of family holiday planning is trying to cater to everyone’s individual wants and needs, both adults and children. Actually, the reality is everything gets planned around the children, which is where most hotels fall short in catering to the most demanding of all guests. They may not pay the bill but I can assure you, if the kids are happy mum is happy. And if mums happy, dad is happy and you will potentially have a repeat customer.

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