I have been wanting to dine at Rick Stein’s ‘The Seafood Restaurant’ in Padstow, Cornwall for years and having finally satisfied this longstanding curiosity, I have been vacillating on this review for months now, having certain reservations when it comes to appraising those who are exceedingly successful and cooking celebrities enjoying immense commercial success. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate Australian Correspondent, Andrew (Jenks) Jenkins, an indubitable ‘wandering palate’, goes on a Middle Eastern gastronomic peregrination and finds himself in Malta or least immersed in Maltese culture and the Mediterranean inspired Middle Eastern cuisine of Shane Delia at Maha, Melbourne. ... read more >
For the uninitiated, The Wandering Palate website is for all intensive purposes, a blog of my disordered thoughts and utterances; incoherencies, mental wanderings, intoxications, delusions, hallucinations – essentially the wanderings of delirium. Having resided in Singapore for six years now, I am constantly asked to recommend restaurants here; nothing abnormal about that when you’re a wine and food writer. ... read more >
Chef Luke Mangan has just blackberry-ed me, "Could do a quick sushi at 1pm, Orchard Parade Hotel?" He's jetted in from LA for Salt at ION's first birthday and but only has 48 hours in Singapore. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate is off to New York and has been asking a few likeminded Wandering types where they like to eat and hang out in the Big Apple. ... read more >
Yes, I know it is rare that you hear a food writer recommending you go out of your way to dine at an airport, but Singapore’s Changi Airport is in a league of its own. First impressions can be indelible and international airports often reflect a countries mannerisms and a good indication of what to expect locally. ... read more >
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With winter coming ever closer, I would suggest Wright Brothers opening raWBar is rather timely with oysters coming into their best eating. ... read more >
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Yes, I’m telling you something you already know; ... read more >
You don't need me to tell you Iggy's is a great restaurant. Already much adored by food lovers all over the world, voted best restaurant in Asia by several publications and ranked 28 in the S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants list, 2011. Their reputation is hard earned over many years, seven to be exact, with a cosmopolitan clientele that have ... read more >
If there’s one element missing from many dining experiences it’s having some genuine fun and a little revitalizing enjoyment in a meal. Chin Chin, Melbourne’s latest cutting-edge dining inveiglement is pure energized fun from the moment you walk in the door and feel the wave of human vigour and pulsating ambience. ... read more >