Crise de foie “Nothing is more delicious than that which is forbidden”
Picture from Rougie L'Ecole de Foie - a dish by Chef Serge Chenet

California’s decision to ban foie gras (a decision upheld on July 18th, meaning that appeals for rejection of the ban must now wait until the end of August) have ruffled duck feathers in south-west France.  Read More >

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Sock Juice: The Great Escape

I left for a week in Piedmont with high gastronomic hopes.  I still recall some of the magnificent food I ate last time I was there (which was over a decade ago, in November, the beautiful and mysterious time of fogs and white truffles).  It wasn’t just the truffles, though.  I adored the Italian respect for raw materials, and the way Italian chefs were prepared to serve a beautifully grown, simply prepared vegetable as a course on its own. Read More >


Andrew Jefford goes out on a limb (and might even lose one) in defence of Bordeaux Read More >

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The 35,000-Foot Dram
The 35000- Foot Dram

Andrew Jefford shares his pain and an anaesthetic to the tortures of flying long-haul economy. Read More >

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