Scott Zoccolillo, Sommelier and front of house manager at Nectar Restaurant “I am a big fan of the Finger Lake Region in New York. Visiting in the fall when the leaves change colours is absolutely breath taking.” Sommelier Scott Zoccolillo ... read more >
Marc Piquet, Sommelier at The Greenhouse restaurant, Mayfair Do you have a favourite wine bar? “28/50, always a great selection” Sommelier Marc Piquet ... read more >
Christopher Leo, Sommelier at Pizzeria Mozza (pronounced suh-mal-'yAy) In Medieval Provençal times they were saumaliers, animal pack drivers who evolved during Middle French kingdom to become court officials charged with transportation of supplies. So what does a modern day Sommelier actually do? Well, Wikipedia outlines as such, “A sommelier or wine steward is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants who specializes ... read more >
Prosecco Grapes I started writing this piece in December last year, and have only just come back to it, at the end of April 2014. "Writer's Block" is my excuse; even Shakespeare may have suffered from it. I am self-medicating with a glass of Prosecco as I write. ... read more >
Great Escape Yes the rumour is true, the Wandering Palate has escaped Singapore, having moved back to my old home town of Wellington, New Zealand, after nearly three decades—wandering. If anyone asks why Wellington? Just tell them “It’s like an ocean trout lost at sea for 28 years and finally coming back to the spawning ground”. I will write at length on ... read more >
How do you tell if your grapes are at optimum ripeness? Send in the wine dogs of course [caption id="attachment_10056" align="alignnone" width="599"] How do you tell if your grapes are at optimum ripeness? Send in the wine dogs of course[/caption] This picture twittered by Ata Rangi caught my eye... there are truffle dogs and there are Brix sniffing dogs, pretty logical when you think about... read more on Ata Rangi - click here     ... read more >
Oliver Brandenburg, Sommelier at London Mandarin Oriental, Bar Boulud  Sager & Wilde in Hackney as it’s in my neighbourhood. Staff is friendly and place is relaxed with a good crowd and an interesting wine list. Oliver Brandenburg, Sommelier at Bar Boulud, London ... read more >
Carlos Alvarez, Sommelier and Blogger, Barcelona, Spain Do you have a favourite wine bar? “Monvínic in Barcelona. Thousands of references in a cozy space served for very good wine waiters.” Sommelier Carlos Alvarez ... read more >
The Sanchaya - Pre-Opening "I am intrigued by wines from marginal climates such as Valtellina, beautiful wines from Ar.Pe.Pe for example, their Sassella Valtellina Superiore and the Inferno Valtellina are amazing..." Jasper Kok, Sommelier at The Sanchaya Estate, Bintan ... read more >
One of the pools at The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam Gooood Morning Vi-et naaaaaam! The Wandering Palate arrived in Da Nang yesterday afternoon, an easy 2 ½ hour flight from Singapore. Well, not entirely without incident, as it took over an hour to check-in at the Singapore Airlines counter at Changi Airport. Yes, I know that sounds highly unusual for the perpetually efficient SIA Changi duo. ... read more >
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