Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra - Cuchchi Pulao - Sensational! The Wandering Palate was totally impressed with our first meal at Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Being casinophobic, I have been somewhat reluctant to frequent the restaurants at this “Integrated Resort”, Singapore Governments attempt at soft gambling (read soft porn). ... read more >
Yes, I am actually working/cooking too! Got straight off the plane from Oz and we prepped and cooked until 8.30pm - great team effort The Wandering Palate was in good form demonstrating ‘Wife’s Legendary Duck Curry’ at the eponymous Ruth Pretty Cooking School, expanded to the full duck banquet and paired with some fabulous pinot noirs from Paul Pretty’s cellar. ... read more >
The Old World meets New World of Pinot Noir - Alan Brady with Giovanni Manetti in the Fontodi vineyards, Chianti Legendary Central Otago pioneer and winemaker Alan Brady came through Singapore recently, the Wandering Palate having the pleasure of tasting through his Wild Irishman wines – if missed that one, go to http://www.thewanderingpalate.com/must-have-wines/wild-irishman-untamed-uninhibited-luxuriant-sensual-pinot-noir/ ... read more >
Screening Room - barneys version jpg CM ... read more >
PSS - Newsletter - July Edition Australian Master of Wine, Peter Scudamore-Smith, updates us with his latest newsletter and vineyard tours in Europe. ... read more >
Mount Horrocks Semillon ... read more >
Magswinedinnr Hai Choo Wines & Spirits are holding a Biodynamic wine dinner Wednesday 5th December at Mag's Wine Kitchen. The Wandering Palate will be steering the evening elucidating on biodynamics and wine feng shui, in what will be an enlightening and vociferous evening that should not be missed. Details below: ... read more >
Caveau de Puligny-Montrachet Our Wandering Palate West Australian correspondent, Terry Chellappah, has been wandering a long way from home, in England and France, but he’s back in Margaret River although his head in still in burgundy. Even though it sends pangs of yearn, he shares their gastronomic discoveries. ... read more >
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Screening Room - Bridehead Revisited jpg aug 2012 jpg cm ... read more >